To tell the story of 3DRIFIC, we must first begin with the man that started it all, Timothy Reid. Timothy is a certified CNC (computer numerical control) programmer and operator by trade. What he likes to refer to as a machinist. Tim being a computer science major, had been very receptive and passionate about 3D technology as a whole.

His love for three dimensional applications stemmed from his work as machinist and expanded into the domains of video game development and ultimately 3D printing. But not in that exact order.

For many years, Tim worked in the manufacturing industry. Mostly in the automotive sector.  Tim eventually met his colleague Spencer Price, a mechanical engineer and together they started 3DRIFIC.

The force powering 3DRIFIC today is their mission to help the new and current generations of 3D techs to gain the necessary knowledge in order to experience the true power of 3D technology, whether casual home user, fervid hobbyist, or professional operator.


Who we are

We are a technology publication company based out of Roseville Michigan. Our goal is to produce a useful resource to help readers become better informed on a wide range of technology related topics. 


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The authors

Neil Douglas

Kimberly Beckett

What we do

We publish highly detailed information on technical subjects such as 3D printing, general crafting, CNC machining, manufacturing, engineering and other technology related subjects.

All of us here at 3DRIFIC strongly believe that one of the primary bases to a technologically evolved and prosperous future lies in a strong foundation in three dimensional applications such as 3D printing.